Should diverse representation in UK clinical trials be mandatory?


This online event is being held by Innovative Trials, COUCH Health, and Egality HealthThree organisations who are working to improve diversity in clinical trials.

In the US, FDA guidance states that trials should recruit patients that represent the population that has the burden of disease in the real world.  We believe this should be mandatory policy for all clinical trials in the UK.

Recently, coronavirus has bought to light not only the disproportionate impact that conditions can have on certain groups, but that these groups have not been represented in the trials to find a treatment or a vaccine. 

We’re bringing together representatives from Parliament, national bodies, and industry to discuss why it isn’t policy now, what needs to be done to make it policy, and what the impact of this would be on industry, researchers, science and society.


Chi Onuwrah

MP and Shadow Minster for Science, Research and Digital

Kate Shaw

CEO Innovative Trials


Ash Rishi

CEO, COUCH Health and Demand Diversity


Chief Officer at Caribbean and African Health Network


Head of Sales, BioPharma at Source Bioscience


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Tuesday 10th November

12.30–14.00 GMT / 07:30–09:00 EST

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